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Complaint Disposal

Presentation of Complaints

1-    A complaint may be filed in accordance with the provisions contained in Section 10 of the Ordinance preferably on FTO-Form “A” available free of cost at the Head Office and Regional Offices. Provided that till such time Regional Offices at Peshawar & Quetta are not established, all the complaints from the Province of NWFP shall be filed at the Head Office and complaints from the Province of Boluchistan shall be filed at Regional Office, Karachi.

2-  It will be stated in the solemn affirmation that-


Previously no complaint on the subject was filed at the Head Office or any of the Regional Offices.   


A representation to the senior officer of the Revenue Division, its Department or Agency in respect  of the allegations contained in the complaint was made, but either no reply thereto was given within a reasonable time or representation had unjustly been turned down ; or


No representation was made.

3-  The territorial jurisdiction of the Head Office and Regional Offices shall be as specified in the Schedule to these Regulations which may be modified by the Ombudsman by an order in writing from time to time.

4-   On receipt of a complaint, the concerned official in the Registry shall enter the particulars of the complaint in the daily register giving it a diary number, issue a receipt thereof, if the complaint is presented personally, and forward it to the Registrar.

5-   The official receiving the complaint shall assist the complainant in filling out the FTO-Form “A”, if such assistance is requested


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