The Government of Pakistan, established the office of Wafaqi Mohtasib (Ombudsman) in 1983 in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution. The Provinces also established, the offices of Provincial Ombudsmen. Thus, Pakistan joined the international club of countries having the offices of Ombudsmanship as a critical component of welfare states with adequate focus on service delivery at national and sub-national levels. Sectoral needs lead the government to establish the office of specialized Ombudsmen for Insurance and Banking sectors and that of Office of the Federal Tax Ombudsman was established in the year 2000.



Charter and Functions

The core function of Federal Tax Ombudsman revolves around:

"Disposal of complaints of tax maladministration promptly, justly, fairly, independently investigated, and to rectify any injustice done to a taxpayer by actions of the tax employees of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)/Revenue Division, Government of Pakistan."

Complaints are disposed of within 45 days. The Hon’ble FTO also takes own motion cognizance in systemic maladministration also conducts inspections of the offices sounding bad reputation.