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Recent initiatives being packaged by  FTO  Secretariat are focused on providing inexpensive and speedy justice to the taxpayer aggrieved by tax maladministration. For this purpose two more regional offices are being operationlised in the country at Quetta and Peshawar.

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FTO-FORM-A/Solemn Affirmation  Download
Complaint Form
FTO-FORM-B  Download
For Registration of Complaint (s)
FTO-FORM-C  Download
For presentation of complaint in person to the Federal Tax Ombudsman(FTO)
FTO-FORM-D  Download
Summary of Complaint(s)
FTO-FORM-E  Download
Diary Sheet
FTO-FORM-F  Download
Form of Findings
FTO-FORM-G  Download
Show Cause notice to the Agency for initiation special report to the President
FTO-FORM-H  Download
Show Cause notice for non-compliance of recommendations and initiation proceedings for Defiance of Recommendations
FTO-FORM-I  Download
Monthly Report(s)
FTO-FORM-J  Download
Reminder to Complainant
FTO-FORM-K  Download
Notice to Revenue Division for failure to submit comments
FTO-FORM-L  Download
Notice to public servant for disciplinary action
FTO-FORM-M  Download
Show Cause notice for initiating criminal/disciplinary proceedings
tt  Download
FTO-FORM-N  Download
Show Cause notice for award of compensation against the Complainant
FTO-FORM-O  Download
Show Cause notice to Revenue Division, Agency or Tax Employee for initiating contempt proceedings
FTO-FORM-P  Download
Show Cause notice for contempt to Complainant or any other person
FTO-FORM-Q  Download
Show Cause notice to Revenue Division/Tax Employee for awarding compensation to the Complainant
FTO-FORM-R  Download
For consignment to record
Review Template  Download
Findings Template  Download
FTO-FORM-J  Download
Annual Report 2016

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FPO issues 14th Issue (October - December, 2016) Newsletter

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