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Who Can Lodge a Complaint?

Any person can file a complaint with the FTO if he feels aggrieved by an action or inaction of any functionary of the Revenue Division / FBR or its field formations which involve injustice and maladministration as defined in Section 2(3) of the FTO Ordinance 2000 as under:

"maladministration" includes,-

    (i)    a decision, process recommendation, act of omission or commission which-
           (a)   is contrary to law, rules or regulations or is a departure from established 
                 practice or procedure, unless it is bona fide and for valid reasons;

           (b)   is perverse, arbitrary or unreasonable, unjust, biased, oppressive, 
                 or discriminatory;

           (c)   is based on irrelevant grounds; or
           (d)   involves the exercise of powers, or the failure or refusal to do so, 
                 for corrupt or improper motives, such as bribery, jobbery, favouritism,
                 nepotism, and administrative excesses;

    (ii)   neglect, inattention, delay, incompetence, inefficiency and ineptitude,
           in the administration or discharge of duties and responsibilities;

    (iii)  repeated notices, unnecessary attendance or prolonged hearings while deciding 
           cases involving --

         (a)    assessment of income or wealth;
         (b)   determination of liability of tax or duty;
         (c)    classification or valuation of goods;
         (d)   settlement of claims of refund, rebate or duty drawback; or
         (e)    determination of fiscal and tax concessions or exemptions;

    (iv)  wilful errors in the determination of refunds, rebates or duty drawbacks;

    (v)  deliberate withholding or non-payment of refunds, rebates or duty drawbacks 
          already determined by the competent authority; 

    (vi)  coercive methods of tax recovery in cases where default in payment of tax or 
           duty is not apparent from record; and 

    (vii)  avoidance of disciplinary action against an officer or official whose order of 
            assessment or valuation is held by a competent appellate authority to be
            vindictive, capricious, biased or patently illegal.




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