This institution is headed by Federal Tax Ombudsman, who is assisted by Advisors and Consultants all major tax issues including Income Tax, Customs, Sales Tax and Federal Excise. The FTO institution has seven regional offices located at major business hubs of the country with Headquarter at Islamabad. This institution strives to help improve tax processes and promote good governance in Federal Board of Revenue beside providing prompt relief to aggrieved tax payers.



Charter and Functions

The core function of Federal Tax Ombudsman revolves around:

"Disposal of complaints of tax maladministration promptly, justly, fairly, independently investigated, and to rectify any injustice done to a taxpayer by actions of the tax employees of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)/Revenue Division, Government of Pakistan."

Complaints are disposed of within 45 days. The Hon’ble FTO also takes own motion cognizance in systemic maladministration also conducts inspections of the offices sounding bad reputation.