For quick and free resolution of taxpayers' grievances, the agency receives complaints in person, by mail (Link), through website (Link) or smart phone app (Link). Each complaint is assigned to an experienced Advisors through an automated Complaints Management Information System (CMIS). After hearing both, the complainant and the FBR, recommendations are issued to rectify the maladministration and redress the grievances. All complaints are decided within the mandatory period of 60 days. To ensure implementation of these recommendations, compliance of the recommendations is monitored and necessary legal action is taken by the office of Federal Tax Ombudsman in case of non-implementation within the stipulated time. During the whole process office of the relevant Advisor FTO, keeps the complainant informed about the progress of the case.


We cannot help you if your complaint is about:

  • Matters that are sub-judice, before a court of competent jurisdiction or tribunal or board or authority
  • Matters relating to assessments of income or wealth, determination of liability of tax or duty, classification or valuation of goods interpretation of law, rules and regulations relating to such assessment, determination, classification or valuation in respect of which legal remedies of appeal, review or revision are available under the relevant laws.