Interns 2024

Batch: March - May

Abbas Safdar

Abbas Safdar, a dedicated law student from Bahria University Islamabad, currently serves as legal intern at the esteemed Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) Office. Recently returning from an enlightening exchange program at Airlangga University in Indonesia, Abbas has developed a keen interest in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). His time at FTO, witnessing the intricate workings of tax-related matters, has further fueled his passion for resolving conflicts amicably and efficiently. Alongside his professional endeavors, Abbas finds solace and excitement in a variety of hobbies. From immersing himself in the pages of literature to exploring the vast expanse of the night sky through astronomy, Abbas embodies a well-rounded individual with a thirst for knowledge and adventure.

Aman Arslan

Aman Arslan is a BBA graduate with a specialisation in Marketing from Bahria University, serving as an intern at the FTO Office. Her educational background has equipped her with a robust understanding of organisational dynamics and consumer behaviour. Aman’s intellectual pursuits include psychology, international relations and current affairs. Her hobbies include reading and playing chess. She looks forward to understanding the mechanism of FTO Office, regarding imparting justice at the doorsteps of the aggrieved tax payers in a swift, transparent and cost free manner. Aman hopes to help expand the horizon of access to justice for the people of Pakistan.

Khayyam Hussain Khan

Khayyam Hussain Khan, a 9th Semester Law student at Institute of Legal Management and Sciences is serving as a legal intern at FTO Office. He has worked as an Associate at the Attorney General office at SupremeCourt of Pakistan, with a profound experience in many landmark Constitutional and Civil Cases. His time there allowed him to tackle complex cases, advocate for justice, and make a real difference in people's lives.

Laiba Shaheen

As a final semester law student at Bahria University, Islamabad, Laiba is currently serving as intern at FTO Secretariat, where she delves into research and understanding the functions of FTO. Her passion for social justice and legal reform drives her to develop proposals for meaningful change. When she’s not immersed in the legal world, Laiba can be found lost in books, penning her thoughts, or sampling exotic cuisines, all in pursuit of a rich, well-rounded life.

Maryam Tahir

Maryam Tahir, a recent graduate of the University of London’s external law program, exhibits a keen interest in the legal framework governing the Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO), which motivated her to pursue this internship opportunity. With a strong desire to acquire practical experience and apply her legal expertise, Maryam aims to make a understand the legal process governing the functions of FTO in redressing the grievances of the taxpayers.

Mehak Asghar

Mehak Asghar is a dedicated law student with a deep-rooted passion for justice and a keen interest in the intricacies of legal systems. Currently interning at the Federal Tax Ombudsman, she is gaining valuable experience navigating the complexities of tax law and administrative procedures. Beyond her legal pursuits, Mehak is an avid reader, an enthusiastic journaler, and a passionate traveller. With her exceptional skills and diverse interests, Mehak Asghar is poised to significantly impact her professional and personal Endeavors.

Munibur Rehman

Munib Ur Rehman, a graduate of the University of London, is working with FTO Office as a legal intern. With a background in law, Munib has had the privilege of assisting the Advocate General in matters concerning constitutional law. Alongside his legal pursuits, Munib is also an entrepreneur, combining his legal expertise with a drive for business. In his free time, Munibindulges in the intricate world of horology.

Omar Ayub

Omar Ayub, a law student at Bahria University is serving as a legal intern at FTO Office. With a fervent passion for meticulous research and captivating articles writing, Omar Ayub adds depth and insight to every topic explored. When not immersed in the world of academia, Omar enjoys unwinding with indoor sports and indulging in a plethora of creative content for inspiration.


Runa is a dedicated law student at Bahria University, showing great commitment to her studies and actively engaging in extracurricular activities and law societies. She brings a strong sense of dedication to her work as a legal intern at FTO, demonstrating a passion for the legal field and a willingness to learn and grow. Her hard work and dedication make her a valuable member of the legal community.Additionally, she finds joy in journaling and playing basketball, showcasing her well-rounded nature and enthusiasm for various aspects of life.